Exploring Saysain Beach (Bagac, Bataan)



Another craving for stirring adventures with my friends has just been fulfilled! Experience is the greatest treasure a man could ever have in his lifetime indeed. This time, we went under the sun to visit an entire underrated beach situated at Brgy. Old Saysain, Bagac, Bataan.

The Road to Brgy. Old Saysain

I met my friends at the Bataan Common Terminal at exactly 10:30 in the morning (the call time is 8:30 though, I just got there by 10:30 HAHA). We were at least 20 persons that time. We went to Bagac station and we managed to talk to a dispatcher to give us a ride directly to Brgy. Saysain, since the route of a jeepney going to Bagac will end at the Bataan Friendship Tower, and Saysain is a few kilometres beyond that. That one way ride cost us 80 pesos each, better than paying 80+ pesos combined fare by ordinary, yet hassle commuting. (remember, we were at least 20 persons in the group)

(Tip # 1: If you’re a commuter like us and travelling in group, negotiating with a dispatcher is really a must. A jeepney ride to the town of Bagac will take you just to the Bataan Friendship Tower, and you still have to ride a tricycle or another jeepney in order to get to Brgy. Saysain. And take note, the jeepney from friendship tower bound to Saysain is only available in the morning. It is really time, money, and effort saving.)

Touch down Saysain

It took us an hour via jeepney to get to Brgy. Saysain from Balanga City. We were accommodated by a friend of a friend in a small yet comfy place, perfectly situated in front of the coastline, and guess what, it’s free. Thanks to our friend! By the way, the place is called Kap J’s. It is owned by the Brgy. Captain of Old Saysain. If you’re looking for a budget friendly accommodation, just look for its very kind care-taker, Kuya Deb. The place is secured by folks working in the army. People in that area are so kind, including the boat bankers.

A view of Saysain Beach from our inn

(Tip # 2: There are many inns and guesthouses in the area and as to my judgment, they wouldn’t be that costly. But if you have a tent, you can just set it up by the beach and it’s totally free.)

Starting the adventure

Saysain beach I think is an underrated, yet amazing place to go and take a tour. We hired a boat for the whole trip, and the standard rate is 4,000 pesos, will be divided among 20 persons. The boat is kinda huge, and the destination is REALLY far. After further negotiations and pleas, we just paid 150 pesos each. (The bankers are kind)

Friends and a massive boat

(Tip # 3: Everything is certain to happen in a good conversation. Negotiate kindly and balance things effectively)

Nag-ibon Cave

First off, we went to Nag-ibon cave. It is a not so famous small cave located an hour away from Saysain beach. The place earned its name because of some species of small birds flocking and living in the area. The only way to get inside the cave is by swimming atleast 5 meters, since a boat would not fit inside. It is a confined cave and at first glance, a normal people would never want to wander inside. It is pitch dark when you get there but there is a small sand bar inside for visitors to take a rest and enjoy. I wonder if this small cave is still visible during high tide.

Nag-ibon Cave as seen from afar
Entrance to Nag-ibon Cave

(Tip # 4: If you think you can swim all the way inside the cave, then go. But bring a life vest just to be sure and secure. It is undeniably deep! I myself swam inside without a life vest, and it is really tiring)

We also did some cliff-jumping from the cave’s opening roof. I think it is some 2-3 storeys high. It was my first time jumping from a cliff and guess what, I did it not just once but twice! What a hella experience. I just overcame my fear of heights. (Not 100% lol)

Brave folks over a 2-storey cliff

(Tip # 5: The way to the roof of the cave is not that easy. You can climb in either way, but it is steep and the rocks at the bottom are slippery. Be extra careful.)

Momay Beach

After several hours swimming and cliff jumping, we returned to the boat and went to Momay Beach. I don’t know if Momay is really its name, it’s just what the folks call it. It is an undeveloped coastline, with a dense forest bordering on the beach. But still, its sand is absolutely beautiful!

Beautiful fine sand at Momay Beach

We also had the chance to go on a massive natural rock formation, and mind you, going there is not that easy. We have to cross a rock-filled coastline before getting there, and it’s really foot aching. The view of the sunset over the massive rock formation is so enticing!

A massive natural rock formation over Momay Beach
Had to go through these boulders into the massive natural rock formation though

Snorkeling through Saysain waters

There are some starfish on the reef of Saysain! Folks would have to dive deep in the water just to get it. It’s pretty dark when we started snorkelling because the sun is slowly going down. But still, the untouched reef of Saysain is stunning and remarkable.


Summing it up

We returned from the place to the Bataan Friendship Tower via tricycle for just 25 pesos each. From there, we rode a jeepney bound to Bataan Common Terminal for 30 pesos only (student fare? Hell yeah HAHA). It is really a worthy not-so-summer (it’s June already) getaway for me. Exploring the impressive waters of Saysain is really fun and exciting!

Sunset over Saysain

14 thoughts on “Exploring Saysain Beach (Bagac, Bataan)

  1. Your photos are amazing 😍😍😍 Was it sunset or sunrise? The hues are superb. 👌👌👌 But I do hope you didn’t get those starfish with you. They are very sensitive creatures and easily die when you touch and take them out of their habitat 😭😭😭

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    1. Thank you very much! I took pictures by sunset at Saysain Beach. I care so much about the organisms thriving in an ecosystem and as much as possible, I make it a point to lessen or totally not disturb them whenever I take pictures. I put the starfish back in water after I’ve taken pictures of it. Thanks again and God bless! 🙂

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  2. That sunset! I love sunsets! Your pictures are beautiful … I bet the feeling of watching that sun set is as beautiful as it is when I look at it! Nice blog! Oh and btw, thanks for the follow!

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