JagRa Café: Mr. Bean’s Diner

JagRa Cafe

When people say Mr. Bean, the thought that automatically enters our minds is the laughter and amusement brought by the renowned British comedian Rowan Atkinson a.k.a. Mr. Bean himself. But, what will happen if this hilarity is amalgamated with good foods and delectable drinks? That is the thing that a small restaurant in Balanga City is sure to offer!


JagRa Cafe from outside

JagRa Café is located at Sampaguita Street, San Jose, Balanga City, Bataan. It has a “Mr. Bean motif” which includes having the walls painted almost exactly the same as that of Bean’s apartment in the British sitcom. It offers a wide variety of food choices and invigorating interior. There are also stuffs there available for purchase like Teddy and Mr. Bean figure and in my own estimate, it is a good 5-minute ride from Balanga City’s Plaza Mayor.


Mr. Bean is my childhood favorite and it really delighted me to see such restaurant with pleasing interior design. The walls are decked with fun stuffs like picture frames of the sitcom’s characters and amusing Bean parody paintings.

JagRa Cafe6
Sitcom characters equipped with descriptions
JagRa Cafe7
Parody paintings at their finest!

It also has an adorable set-up having Mrs. Wicket’s (Mr. Bean’s landlady in the sitcom) picture hugely painted on the wall with a cute Bean figure sitting behind.

JagRa Cafe8
Have a seat with Mr. Bean

There are teddy bears hanging and from what I remember, they also sell these amazing stuffs.

Mrs. Wicket is looking at you!

Mr. Bean Food Series

JagRa Café has an extensive food selection to offer! I really miss their Sisig rice meal and I wonder why they removed it from their menu (huhuhu but by the way, I was able to savour that Sisig rice meal way back from their old branch located at Talisay, Balanga City). And from the very first time that I’ve walked on this place, I personally tasted their Breaded Liempo, Chicken Tempura, Honey Garlic Chicken, Nachos, Fries, Classic Waffle plus the different hues of Lemonades that they harbor and I would say that they are all great! (except for the Chicken Tempura that tastes like Chicken Longganisa PS: For me it tastes like Chicken Longganisa and I don’t like Longganisas).

JagRa Cafe18JagRa Cafe17JagRa Cafe16JagRa Cafe5JagRa Cafe3JagRa Cafe2

As to the menu, here is their menu (HAHA!).

JagRa Cafe11

JagRa Cafe9

JagRa Cafe0

Summing it up

It is certainly a luscious experience eating in a Mr. Bean themed restaurant! The staffs are kind and caring and the foods are really amazing! Plus the costs are not that expensive for a meal compared to other restaurants. JagRa Café is indeed one of the must-try diners here in Bataan.


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