Remedios Café: A Secret Garden Haven

Remedios Cafe

Heavily Congested roads, ear-splitting noises, nuisance smokes, and hectic schedules – these are all the everyday struggles to rout by the people in the booming city of Balanga, Bataan. Who will not want a calm and soothing ambiance along with appealing foods beyond all of these tussles? This is what Remedios Café will absolutely give you.


Remedios Cafe front view

Remedios Café is situated at Brgy. Central, Balanga City, Bataan. The place in which the café was set is certainly huge, as it has capacious parking space and wide site with an elegant gazebo.

Elegant Gazebo

There is somewhat an entrance beside the café that leads to somewhere for you to find out! (truth is I didn’t grab the chance to explore that area because I’m too shy to ask HAHA!)

Where will this lead you?

They offer an extensive variation of food choices and the establishment itself is really classy and sophisticated. In my estimate, it is a 10-minute drive from Balanga City’s Plaza Mayor.



Furnished with modern structural design, Remedios Café is truly one of the most refined restaurants in the city.

Table Decor

It has a stylish interior design equipped with contemporary upholstery and rich lightings. The tables are made of sturdy wood finished to flawlessness and the chairs are of soft cushioning.

Inside Remedios Cafe

The walls are neatly painted and stuffed with fine objects.

Fine stuffs right here

It also has beautiful identical chandeliers seamlessly matched with the over-all appearance of the café.



From breakfast to dinner, Remedios Café offers a wide variety of food choices! Breakfast meals? They are offered in this café all day – Bacon, Beef Tapa, Shanghai Rolls, Boneless Bangus and etc. They are served with eggs, plain/garlic rice and coffee/juice. Well-brewed espressos and cappuccinos as well as lattes, frappes, cold drinks and yogurts are also served here. They also have starters and snacks like nachos, fries, clubhouse, and pastas plus saccharine cakes to offer. As to the main entrée, they serve mouth-watering chicken, pork, beef and seafood meals!


I wasn’t able to gather enough pictures of the foods though and the menu is posted at the counter.

Remedios Cafe Counter

Summing it up

The staffs are very welcoming. For me, the foods are amazing and just a little more modification on food presentation, everything will supplement each other perfectly. They are somehow pricey for me being still a student but upon entering and experiencing a Remedios Café vibe, one can say that every bucks spent are surely of worth!





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